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Canadian Valley District Pinewood Derby Rules

1.All cars must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Committee to qualify for the race. If, at registration, a car dose not pass inspection, the Owner will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the official weigh-in period to make adjustment.

The inspection points are as follows:

a. The car must have been made during the current year.

b. The width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches. (This include the wheels)

c. The width of the car shall not be less than 1 ¾ inches. (This includes the wheels)

d. The length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

e. The weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces. (Measured by the official scales at the event, on the day of the races.

f. Only official Cub Scout Prix Pinewood Derby axles and wheels shall be


g. Only dry lubricant is permitted. OUTSIDE OF BUILDING!!!!!!

h. Wheels may not be modified in order to reduce friction and/or contact with the track.

i. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

j. The car shall not ride on any kind or type of springs.

k. Any details added must be within length, width, and weight limits.

l. The car must be freewheeling, with no starting device.

m. No loose materials of any kind are allowed on or inside of the car.

n. The use of LEAD as weight and LEAD-BASED PAINT are strictly PROHIBITED. (They pose a health hazard to the central nervous system.)

*** After final approval, the Official Inspection Committee will hold cars until

after the race is over. If a car is damaged during a race, you will be allowed to make repairs but the car must be reinspected before being allowed to continue.

2.Each heat will be announced. Drivers and all others will remain behind the barrier.

3. The starter will make sure the cars are on the track properly and then will start the race. (Cars may be raced backwards if the driver so wishes.)

4. The car whose nose is over the finish line first is the winner. Official spotters will judge finishing. (A computer timer may be used to determine the winner.)

5.If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, loses an axle, etc., the heat will be rerun. If the same car gets into trouble on the second run, the contestant is disqualified and automatically loses that race. If, on the second run, another car is interfered with, the heat will be run a third time but without the disqualified car.

6.When the results of each race are over, the drivers can pick up their cars.

7.Awards will be announced shortly after the race for which the awards are to be given. The drivers and their partners will report to the stage for the awards as their names are called.

8.First, second, and third place awards are given in each of the following classes: Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and an Open division. ( A 1-pound class may also be available.)

9. Parents who choose to build their own cars, siblings, and cars that did not win 1st - 3rd place in one of the other divisions may race in the Open class.

The Derby judge's decisions are final. If you disagree, you will be contacted about being a judge for the next Derby.

Here is the schedule for the Pinewood Derby.

Tiger registration will begin at 9:30 and will race at 10:00

Wolves registration will begin at 10:30 and race at 11:00

Bears registration begins at 12:00 and race at 12:30

Webelos registration begins at 1:00 and race at 1:30

Open class will race immediately after Webelos

One pound class will race immediately after Open Class


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